E-learning update

Remember my training goals for 2018? I think I’m doing okay. I completed the Excel XSeries at edx. When completing the XSeries, you get a comprehensive dedicated certificates for completing the full track; individual certificates are still available on a per-course basis, too.

Now that I’m done with this, I can definitely recommend an XSeries track at edx, because across the different courses, various aspects on a subject are really approached from different angles. The repetition you get over time is hugely beneficial to get a solid grasp on that subject.

Moving on then.

Since all ML-courses at one point or another converge to Python (including Ng’s new Deep Learning curriculum at Coursera), I temporarily switched to Datacamp’s Python track. This morning, I finished the Python Programmer track (consisting of 10 individual courses).

In the next two blog posts, I’ll talk more about how I’m putting my newly learned Python skills to work. Stay tuned.