My first 6 months @Pathomation

Or the story of me, being thrown to the lions several times.

Digital pathology, a topic I had never heard of six months ago (can you imagine?!) is now one of the most important subjects in my life.

To be honest, I never thought I would have gotten the job at Pathomation, but even though I did not have any experience they still believed in me (or they just gave me the benefit of doubt of course). And for sure I’m glad they did.

I still go to school and before Pathomation, I worked at a local supermarket, which is nice but not very challenging. Now I have to step out of my comfort-zone everyday, doing things I’ve never done and trying to be the best and smartest version of myself, since I’m surrounded by pathologists, scientists etc… Believe me they are a challenge in themselves, but a challenge I’ve accepted happily, because working with people that are so skilled and have such great knowledge is enlightening and motivating.

Step by step and day by day, I’m learning more about medical imaging and the whole world around it. Not only by working from the office, but also abroad. During the first week of January I went to Morocco to work side by side with our Moroccan developers. This was my first work trip ever!

Unfortunately, it was (probably) also the last one of this year, due to unseen circumstances (covid-19, anybody?). I’m waiting for the next trip, even though I’m secretly happy with that little bit of extra time to mentally prepare myself for a medical conference… (which will also be my first one of course)

You might be wondering what I actually do in this company, since I’ve been bragging so much about it in this post. Explaining that in only one paragraph is quite hard, but I’ll try to keep it short.

First of all, I want you to understand, that there’s a variety of things that I actually do, and an array of things that I try to do. All paperwork related things, like bookkeeping, invoicing and preparing estimates, that’s on me! I also try to help Yves by testing our software and giving him my opinion from a user perspective (and hopefully inspire him for new ideas). In actual fact, I try to ease the work of all my colleagues where I can. Because of this, my job contains a wide selection of different tasks, and I’m still exploring what I like to do most.

As you can see, I get lots of chances where I can grow my courage and improve my social skills. Therefore, I’m glad I can be part of this small but growing team!