Pathomation on the web

Web presence

We want talk a bit more about our different communication channels this week.

When you’re reading this article, you’ve obviously found one of them.

The RealData blog at is a wordpress website that we set up a couple of years ago to allow us to communicate about or explain topics that don’t necessarily have a dedicated place yet on our “main” company website at

Pathomation is a small company, and things can move quickly. We simply don’t have time to re-do our website each month or so because our product offering changes, or because there’s a spurt in creative writing that needs to find a landing spot and reach an audience. A free-form blog then seemed like a good idea.

And we still think it is 😊

There are companies whose website is a blog, but we do think there’s still a need to offer structured information and a general product overview as well.

So while you can’t constantly rewrite your website, we did manage to re-work this month and we’re pretty proud of the result. If you haven’t checked it out yet, go ahead and do so. It’s a lot more comprehensive than anything we’ve had up before.

And if you’ve read this blog, of course you’ve heard about PMA.start before, our free whole slide image / digital pathology viewer software that can be used by anybody for anything to manage their local slide content. Our website is the third axis of our online web-presence strategy.

PMA.start comes with no limitations, except the one that is built-in: you can only use it on local content. If you want to share data with colleagues via a network, you need to upgrade to our professional PMA.core product. If you’re not quite sure what that’s all about, you can still sign up for our beta program until the end of this month (just a few days left, so be quick).

Check out our beta landing page at

And there you have it; our three pronged strategy to provide you, our valued customer and end-user, with background information about the Pathomation universe, and our great products.